Integrating with FreqTrade

  • GitHub Access
  • Docker installed in your machine
This document is a simplified version of our README.

Step #1

Clone our Freqtrade template strategy with Equeum integration: https://github.com/equeumco/bot-freqtrade-equeum

Step #2: Run the bot in Docker

Navigate to your repository folder and run the following command:
docker compose pull
Run the image with the command (one of these, of your choice):
  • docker compose up -d - to run futures config
  • docker compose -f docker-compose-spot.yml up -d - to run spot config
This is what docker should look after you finish with the setup:

Step 3: Access the bot

Depending on what you ran on the Docker container, you can access it using the following link: http://localhost:8080
If ever it asked for a username/password, you can use :
Username: freqtrader Password : 123456
This is a sample working version of the freqtrade: