The Equeum platform supports multiple functions that you can use to create your own predictions/insights. The purpose of this tab is for users to have a list of EQL that they can refer to without moving out of the Equeum application.
The Functions Tab is located in the library section, on the lower right part of the application. The functions are sorted by EQL functions, alphabetically.
There is also a dropdown that filters the EQL function by category.
  • Cycle Indicators
  • Math Operators
  • Math Transform
  • Momentum Indicator
  • Moving Average
  • Overlap Studies
  • Price Indicator
  • Signal and Scoring
  • Statistic Functions
  • Trend Indicator
  • Trigonometric
Clicking on the ? icon will redirect the user to the gitbook documentation of the action. While clicking the Function name will show the Function Details Modal.
The EQL modal details shows almost the same information as the one in functions library with addition to an EQL sample. You should be able to copy-paste the following EQL examples directly to your editor.