How to Read a Forecast

Reading a forecast is simple.
Equeum is making crypto price forecasts that are highly accurate by using a large and diverse set of data. We are continuously working to update our forecasts to increase accuracy.
The Equeum Resource Library: Forecasts
By default, the Forecasts tab is active in Resource Library. The Library contains more than 30 other cryptocurrency forecasts which will be expanded in the future. The forecast for Ethereum (ETH) is displayed for first time users in the chart window above. You can click on any of the forecast buttons in the Library to see other asset forecasts.
The forecast for Ethereum
Reading a forecast is simple. The chart window displays 2 panes in a forecast. The top pane shows the price for the asset and the bottom pane shows the forecast. The forecast pane has an axis of -200 to +200 with a trend line moving up and down within that range. A trend line heading upwards is a rising price and a trend line heading down forecasts a lower price.
Equeum Forecasts are regularly updated to increase their accuracy.