The Library

The Library is the repository of all platform resources, including those created by you and by others, with the following tabs:
  • Forecasts: supported crypto assets and links to forecasts for each.
  • Resources: all platform resources created by Equeum and Developers
Additional tabs will be added as new features and content become available. Use the Search function on the tab bar to search for a specific asset. For developers, use Add to create external data resources.
The Forecasts tab lists the crypto assets that are supported by Equeum. Assets are listed alphabetically, by abbreviation. Use Search to find a crypto asset. Use the Forecast buttons to display the forecast price and trendline for a specific asset.

Filtering and sorting

For Developers, the Resource Library has multiple sort/filter options, including the filtering of resources by favorites, or by those created by you, by Equeum, or by other users.
When available, a filter icon will appear when hovering over a column label. Click it to open a search filter. Columns can be sorted by clicking the arrow next to the column label.
The rows in the Resources Library support the following actions:
Open the script in the EQL Editor.
Add a resource to the script in the Editor
Save to your list of favorites
Because external data resources are created without a script, the Open icon is disabled. The resource's metadata (eg, tags and description) can be edited.
Click on a Resource name to view or edit its metadata or attributes.
Linked names in the Library open details windows