Working with Resources

Basic instructions for creating, saving, and sharing resources

Scripts and Resources

Scripts, built using the EQL, are used to create resources of various types. Resources are the building blocks of the platform, and include signals used in trend forecasts, and internal and external data. Resources can also include other resources, enabling developers to build on each other's work. All resources reside in the Resource Library.
Resources encompass both on-platform and off-platform content. The most important off-platform resource is externally-sourced data; see more about externally-sourced data here.

Creating, Saving and Editing Scripts

Scripts are created in the EQL Editor. Create a new script using the New button, or return to a recently opened script via the down arrow next to the script name. Clicking the Save button allows you to name your resource and add a description. The script is stored in the Library, where it will be available for future editing.
Tip: Writing a good description and title for your resource will help other users find and add it to their scripts, resulting in higher usage scores.
All changes in the Editor are auto-saved, but under the Save button is an option for restoring the previous version of a script. Follow the on-screen instructions for restoring an earlier version.
All new scripts contain starter code. You can always change the default script that appears in the Editor by changing it in Settings > Editor Preferences > Set Default Script

Sharing a Resource

Resources can easily be shared with other users by either checking the Share Now checkbox when you Save your resource for the first time OR click the Share toggle button in the Resource Details window anytime after saving. By sharing your resource with other users, you become eligible to win bounty awards. See more about Market Bounties for more information.
The Resource Details window can be accessed by clicking the name of your resource in the Library. If the resource is open in the Editor, you can click the details icon in the header.
Users need to rely on shared resources that are incorporated into their scripts always being available. For this reason, once a resource has been shared and added by another user into their own script, it cannot be edited or deleted. Improvements to a shared resource can always be made by creating a new script and copy/pasting and saving the code into the new resource.
To prevent gaming, resources that have more than 50 embedded resources cannot be shared.

Adding Resources to Scripts

Resources that you have created, resources shared by others, and resources created by Equeum are all available in the Library. They can be incorporated into a script open in the Editor via the
icon, and appear as: